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Frequently Asked Questions

For Life's Journey - Independent Celebrant | based in Macclesfield

    Discover just what For Life’s Journey does as an Independent Celebrancy Service through the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive…


    A ceremony with us as your Celebrant can include any wording, any content, at any venue at any time of day. That makes it something quite special! You are only limited by your imagination…


    Means you can include the elements of celebration you wish to use. Your ceremony is written and delivered uniquely for you and there are no restrictions on content and you will not be bound by any format.


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Most ceremonies designed & delivered in Cheshire East, South Manchester & North Staffs

Everything You've Wanted to Know About Working With a Celebrant

The most frequently asked questions answered...

Celebrants have been around in the UK for three decades, but many people still get lost when wondering what it is we do exactly.


In a nutshell, a Celebrant is the main writer/creator and officiant of celebrations and ceremonies marking the main milestones in life’s journey. There are different kinds of Celebrant, and no they are very different from being a Minister of religion.


From Humanists to Civil Celebrants to Independent Celebrants, here we explain the differences and where we at For Life’s Journey fit in…

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What Do You Mean There Are Different Kinds of Celebrants?

Do not get duped into selecting the wrong kind of officiant for your special day. The following outlines the main differences:

Independent Celebrant

An independent celebrant is one who can be selective over whether or not they choose to use religious elements in their ceremonies. It is entirely up to the individual celebrant – but by the definition of Independent, they are independent of any particular faith group.

Civil Celebrant

If you see a celebrant declaring themselves as being “civil”, this means they absolutely will include religious elements if requested to do so.

Humanist Celebrant

Be cautious here. Often celebrancy gets confused and many people automatically think a celebrant is a humanist. This is NOT true. A humanist celebrant means that they cannot, will not and should not include any religious elements in their ceremonies. To do so goes entirely against the humanist belief system which is atheistic. If you see a self-declared humanist celebrant stating that they will include religion (or any religiously symbolic acts) in their ceremonies then run a mile. They are going against their own teachings and are possibly only doing so to make themselves marketable for your money.

Why Choose to Use a Celebrant?

With a celebrant you can have your special ceremony anywhere: the beach, your garden, in a hot air balloon; wherever your imagination takes you.

You can create your own ceremony with no limitations on what you may want to express to each other with real meaning. You can incorporate children, friends, anyone you wish. With a celebrant you can truly have the ceremony of your dreams.

Why Use a Celebrant Instead of a Registar?

Actually, you can’t. You still require a registrar to conduct the legal aspect of your ceremony if you are getting married or having a civil partnership. You cannot declare yourself as legally married without this.

But what you can have is a better and more personal ceremony following the core requirements provided by a registrar. Meaning that you only have to do the legal bit (costing around £50 and only approximately 41 words each) in your jeans and t-shirt with the registrar. Everything else can wait until you have a perfectly created personal ceremony undertaken with a Celebrant.

Be careful of any celebrant who claims they can “marry you”. They can’t. To do so is actually illegal in the UK (with only some humanists being licensed to do so in Scotland).

Is a Celebrant Wedding/Couples' Ceremony Any Less Important Than a Registrar Wedding?

Definitely not! Signing the register is simply signing the legal paperwork behind the marriage.

The most meaningful part of your wedding will be when you walk in in that big white dress, stand up in front of your family and friends and say your vows together, and declare why you have chosen to commit to each other as partners for life. Trust us, we are yet to have met a couple who felt anything otherwise!

How Do You Find the Right Celebrant for You?

Searching for your celebrant can be daunting and you do need to feel a connection with the person who will conduct your ceremony.

Start with calling at least five celebrants and listen to the way they speak. Ask yourself if you like their voice, tone and manner. The initial phone conversation can tell you a lot about a person and you will get a instinctive first feeling about the celebrant. Your ceremony is the most important part of your day; there are excellent celebrants and quite appalling celebrants out there.

It is important you meet with your celebrant and discuss how they will work with you. Your celebrant should offer you quality time to create your ceremony and rehearsal times. Make sure when you have the first conversation with your celebrant to check availability of date and time.

And remember, you get what you pay for. If your celebrant is charging a small fee you will not receive quality time with them, and your ceremony is likely to be very similar (if not an exact copy) of another ceremony out there. You are paying for artistry as much as knowledge. Don’t let price be the only factor in your selection.

Should You Meet Your Celebrant Beforehand?

This should not even be a question. Of course you should! You need to feel happy and comfortable with the person who is going to conduct your ceremony. You will know if you have warmed to him/her. Do not feel after face-face meeting that you have to go ahead with this celebrant.

If a celebrant actively avoids this and only requires you to fill out an extensive questionnaire, then run a mile from them. This is supposed to be about building your perfect and personal ceremony just for you – no celebrant can do that without meeting you first.

What Does the Celebrant Wear at the Ceremony?

You can request that your celebrant wears whatever you want. Usually, the celebrant will be happy to dress in the same colours as your ceremony colour scheme, or in smart attire or in a particular outfit. You want the focus on you so we advise that you request your celebrant not to stand out at your ceremony. That said, Tuirenn has a beautiful kilt he loves to get into for those who request it!

Is There a Restriction on Time of Day or Night for a Ceremony?

You can have your ceremony whenever you want it! that said, check in with your celebrant first.

Here at For Life’s Journey, we do not perform ceremonies after 8pm at night. But we are happy to perform ceremonies anytime from early morning until then… So if you want a sunrise or sunset ceremony we can usually accommodate this.

Do You Offer Same-Sex Ceremonies?

Tuirenn is, himself, a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We at For Life’s Journey are strong advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and fully support any major life milestone being celebrated within same-sex communities. So from same-sex weddings to civil partnership celebrations, to naming your children or adoptions and welcoming ceremonies, we encourage you to celebrate your life with pride!

When Should We Book You as Our Celebrant?

The long and short answer to this is: as soon as possible!

For weddings/civil partnerships, commitment ceremonies and handfastings we are usually booked out a year in advance. You can book at late notice and we will work with you to create your perfect ceremony under limited time if required, but the sooner the better means we an guarantee our availability on your chosen date and time.

For all other ceremonies, we recognise that you may have shorter time periods from decision to ceremony. We will try our hardest to be available to you – but again: get in there quick! Our calendar does fill up fast!

What Are Your Fees?

Our fee tariff is available by clicking here

You Seem Expensive, Why is That?

It’s funny that our clients often think this.

The ceremony component is probably the lowest cost of your whole day so don’t spoil your day to save a few pounds. For a wedding, you would not quibble over the cost of a dress or flowers, but the main officiant of the ceremony is often considered to be expensive. Remember, your celebrant will be in amongst only 4% of your overall budget for a wedding or couples’ ceremony.

In any given ceremony, you are paying for time, knowledge and creativity primarily:

This will usually include (dependent on ceremony type):
An initial 1-2hr consultation meeting.
Additional calls, emails, Skype and physical meetings as required.
Continuous support and guidance.
Provided with numerous poems, extracts and readings.
Samples of vows and ceremonies.
Support in writing your own vows, promises or content.
A tailored ceremony created just for you (approximately 20-30hrs in writing time as minimum for a wedding).
Officiation on the day of the ceremony.
Rehearsal if necessary with your party.
Coordination with your venue, your photographer/videographer, your musicians etc.
A beautiful certificate.
A gorgeous bound copy of your ceremony as a keepsake.

Beyond this, there are other costs to us which are included in the fee. So, in actual fact, for a £600 wedding fee, we are only taking approximately £10 p/h in fees. Does the charge seem as expensive in these terms?

What Time Will the Celebrant Arrive on the Day?

We will arrive at least half an hour before the start time of your ceremony (although usually we are there much earlier) and we leave half an hour after the ceremony itself is ended, unless otherwise required.

How Many Ceremonies Do You Conduct Each Day?

For all life ceremonies (for couples, for children and family) we make you the absolute focus of our day. On your day, YOU are the most important people to us. We do not overbook ourselves and you receive the full day in our calendar.

End of life ceremonies are slightly different, as these are conducted according to crematoria time schedules. But again, there will never be an over-subscribing of time, so your ceremony will always be the main focus of that part of the day.

How Long Will My Ceremony Last?

This is really dependent on what you want to include.

A good rough average guide is as follows:
Couples’ Ceremonies – between 30-40 minutes
Children & Families Ceremonies – between 20-30 minutes
End of Life Ceremonies – dependent on location
Pet Ceremonies – between 20-30 minutes

How Far Will You Travel For My Ceremony?

We will travel as far as you need us to across the whole of the UK and internationally.

However, please be aware that our fee only covers travel with a 15 mile radius of our home base in Macclesfield, Cheshire. We charge 45p per mile travelled thereafter.

So, Would You Perform Our Ceremony Abroad If We Wanted You There?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to work with you on your destination ceremony plans. Whether you are already based overseas, or you intend on having your ceremony overseas, we can work with you. It means our initial meetings may not be physical, but we are great users of Skype and FaceTime to get you what you want.

There are some particular considerations though regarding our fees if we go international for you. Please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions, especially Clause 7.

We Are Pagan, and We Want a "Proper" Handfasting - Can You Do This?

Absolutely. Tuirenn is a Druid in his own personal beliefs and he is happy to conduct as true pagan handfasting for you.

These are just a few of our Frequently Asked Questions.

But please feel free to contact us if we haven’t answered your burning question right here…

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Starting with an informal chat, we'll take it from there...


An Irish Name


But willing to travel worldwide.

Most of our ceremonies designed & delivered in Cheshire East, South Manchester & North Staffs

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Starting with an informal chat, we'll take it from there...

Celebrancy FAQs

All you need to know about working with a celebrant…

Always Choose Qualified

Check that your celebrant is FULLY qualified to ensure the best service!

The Perfect Ceremony

Memorable ceremonies are created through sharing what makes you “you”…

Celebrancy FAQs

All you need to know about working with a celebrant…

Always Choose Qualified

Check that your celebrant is FULLY qualified to ensure the best service!

The Perfect Ceremony

Memorable ceremonies are created through sharing what makes you “you”…